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Hello, fellow watchers! :3

It's hilarious how I wanted to get back uploading arts once a week, and then stuff happened xD

So, I officially became a 100% photographer. I always liked taking pictures, my dad is a photographer too but I never tought about photography as a work, not for me at least, mostly because I used suck at it... Now after a ton of practice I feel confident in saying that I am at a professionist.

Don't get me wrong, there are a million people better than me, but truth is that I see a billion people worse than me doing well paid jobs, and that's unfair. It's not yet a full time job but among all the pictures I edit for work, the pictures I take on my own and the lessons I took I had little to no time to draw, that is really sad. Why I choosed this path? I don't now, sometimes things happen and

But have no fear, this month I will have time again to draw! I have a crappy commission scheduled (if you don't like it plz don't unwatch ;_; ) and some nice drawings for halloween and for another special occasion occouring this month... See you soon fellows! :D

Hello, fellow watchers! :3

Woah it's been a while since the last update, and wll a ton of things happened, unfortunately most of them are not even worth to tell... :C

Mostly I had to work a lot, really a lot. It may look a good thing but most of those jobs didn't gave me much money, sigh! ._. I went on a trip to Slovenia to sell my stuff alongside my business partner... And unfortunately we barely paid our trip with the earnings!! >.<

Then I went back coloring comics, well I colored one by myself and I got some nice payment, but then I was asked to give help to another colorist and, of course, the pay was really low and the job really time-consuming x_X and then again I did my realty photo editing work, I'm getting really good and doing thing much faster!:3

So, I'm really concerned about all the self employed matter... It's not that hard to find jobs, but it's really hard to understand how much time something is going to take me and therefore ask for more or less money. Keeping the incomes at a certain rate is really hard, expecially because often I missjudge works and in the end that same work I tought might take 1-2 hours end up eating my whole afternoon...

And that's why I'm not posting much arts and not replying to a lot of people ( :iconmoonmute: for instance you tagged me in somewhere but I never had the chance to read your journal and I'm really sorry ;__; )

Well, I'm sorry if I wasn't much active here on dA lately, I'll try my best to going back in uploading at least once a week! :3

Hello, fellow watchers! :3

This month is starting really, really well. I might even say it was the best week of my life! :D well, except for the 5-8/8/2009, that was the best week ever.

What happened? First, Plumber panic is now aviable for windows phone too, hopefully more users will look at it, it's hard to be noticed on the Play Store... Then, I got my first real paycheck!! And, most important, I finally got rid of an horrible person, after 4 years of feeling her presence always lurking in the shadow... I'm feeling so good! Expecially because I can finally prove how horrible she is! But...

Sadly, I'm having really little time to spare for the drawings, I've got some cool sketches laying around, I even would like to put togheter a decent tutorial for coloring but meh, I don't even have time to play my favourite games ;__;

I was even considering of doing a request for my fellow watchers, maybe a raffle or something, and even make a contest with point prize since I've got some to spare, anyone liks the idea?

Well, that's all foks! :D

Hello, fellow watchers! :3

I'm looking for some help. As I already mentioned I'm working on a new app, but my workgroup needs twice the drawings I can do so we are all looking for someone else who wants to join. Unfortunately, we can't pay right now, we will share the revenues of the final product.

I know that not many people will be interested in an unpaied job, but if you are a student or need to do more practice this might be your chance! What we need is someone able to do some digital backgrounds, draw small objects (like, a sword, a rifle, a basket full of apples...), the app is going to be used for kids so no realistic drawing skills are needed.

And about me, there isn't much going on in my life, nothing new at least. My job is going quite well, it consumes a lot of time but I'm finally earning a decent ammount of money, and I'm earning a lot of new faves and views here, which is great!

See ya next time!! :D

Hello, fellow watchers! :3

I'm sorry for the lack of both updates and drawings, it's not that I'm being lazy, it's just that I'm overload with work  (x_X)

Unfortunately I can't show anything I do for job, and that's sad! :( but I decided to spend my spare time to possible commissions here on dA. So: COMMISSIONS ARE OPEN!!! :D

When I won't be spending time drawing for other people I'll work to the biggest drawing I've ever made, I'm sketching down the biggest fanart so far, with 19 characters in it. It's really hard to make a good composition with all those characters! D:

And don't forget to try this game, IT'S FREE!!! (/^▽^)/

Title by DrClosure

See ya next time for more real updates!!!

Hello dears! (/^▽^)/

This space is reserved to anyone who has asked me requests or commissions, to write their comments on my overall work.

Hello dears! (/^▽^)/

To make everything clear and professional, I'm gonna list the rules on how ask a commission and request, what to expect and everything else. Until now I made everyone happy, but you never know what may come in the future! So, to avoid any kind of misunderstanding, here's some rules:

1) General rules:

  1. Always be polite! :3 even if talking about NSFW stuff, there's no need to be rude.

  2. No going back: after you confirm a draft or sketch, there's no way to turn back and ask more revisions. BE AWARE!!!

  3. All the money transfer must be in euro € , paypal only.

  4. You may share my artworks online, as long as you credit me. To credit me link my profile page on deviantart. Also, each time you share my work please let me know in a note or comment below the commission!

  5. You can not print anywhere my artworks, except for a personal use, nor get any profit from it unless [see next point]

  6. You  can ask for a commercial license. "Commercial license" means you own the right over the final product. I cannot make anymore profit from that image nor reproduce it, just use it for portfolio purposes.

2) How to ask:

  1. Always be polite! :3 even if talking about NSFW stuff, there's no need to be rude.

  2. Note are the primary way to get in touch with us. However, if you dislike deviantart you can use my personal email

  3. Always include links for reference. It's not really kind to say "google that".

  4. Try to be as concise as possible. I don't necesarily need to know all the backstory of the kingdom where your character lives if you just want an headshot of him smiling! (O_O;)

  5. Explain the pose with words if possible, instead of sending picture reference. It's just a thing about my aproach to the drawing.

3) What to ask:

  1. Have a look at my gallery, to better understand what my style is.

  2. My real job is comic book colorist. So if you just have a bunch of linearts to color, I'll color them. I know there's a lot of people better than me at drawing, but a see few of them also being good at coloring, expecially at my same price! ୧༼ ͡◕ д ◕͡ ༽୨ TAKE ADVANTAGE OF MY TALENT!!!!

  3. I mainly draw humans and loving couples. However I'm not shy with anthros, chibis, insects, animals, fantasy and mythical beings and other stuff except for feathered beasts!

  4. Yaoi, Yuri, straight: I don't give a ####, love is love.

  5. Background is always missing from my drawings but it's just because I'm lazy. I can draw anything as long as I get enough incentives (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)و

  6. NSFW is welcome, with no overprices!

  7. If you're unsure about my prices, just send me a note!

4) What to expect from me:

  1. I'm pretty sure that this pricelist is clear enough for what to expect from a single character drawing

  2. This is my timezone. Keep it in mind!

  3. I'm fast. Expect to have your drawing done at worse in 24 hours,  as long as no revisions are needed and you promptly reply to me!

  4. Yaoi, Yuri, straight: I don't give a ####, love is love.

  5. Background is always missing from my drawings but it's just because I'm lazy. I can draw anything as long as I get enough incentives (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)و

  6. NSFW is welcome, with no overprices!

  7. If you're unsure about how much I might charge you for a drawing, just send me a note!

  8. Keep in mind that I'm trying my best at not die from starvation, that's why I ask at least some points for a request. I cannot eat points but I can advertise myself with them!

5) What I expect from you:

  1. That you are going to pay in advance. I got scammed once and it's more than enough. I trust you as long as you trust me! (^ω^ )

  2. That you're gonna be polite. Seriousely, it's important!

  3. That you are going to respect me and my work, giving usefull critiques if needed. Avoid phrases like "I don't like it." . Tell me why at least!!

  4. That you are going to tell me all the stuff I need to know before starting the sketch.

  5. That you are going to ask a refund only as long as we are in sketch status. After the ink is done there's no turning back!

  6. That after we're done you're going to write a brief testimonial of your experience with me under this journal,  linking the deviation I did for you!

So, with that said, have an amazing day!! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

Hello, fellow watchers! :3

April is going to be a complete mess. So much stuff happened in the past week and tons of thing are going on, I don't even now where to start.

First off, finally after a month of limbo my game is finally out! If you have an android phone you can get it here on the play store! And from now on I will feel free to share all the drawings I did for the game to you, if you are intrested!

And then, I might have found a stable Job. It's not something art-related (which is not entirely a bad thing), it really cyberpunkish and it might give me enough revenues to live by my own. This said, it means that I won't have an entire day to spend on drawings, but on the other hand less time I have to draw means better chances to draw something good!

And, well, there are BIG chances that I will move to a different continent... *help!*

Hello, fellow watchers! :3

April 1st is at hand. Have you ever played a prank for April Fool's? Personally, I never, I used to play pranks whenever I got the chance. And one of those, My best prank of them all, went on for about 2 years xD

I like to call that prank "the missing twin". Long story short, in highschool two of my classmates where twins, and one day I came up of the idea of a "missing brother", a third twin tha t obviousely didn't existed. But when I came back at home I made upa fake facebook profile and sent friend requests to all of the brothers real friends. But this is just the start...

On the days and weeks after a ton of people started to believe that the twin brothers where 3 instead of two, an some believed that one of the two real brother was a fake account. And that's not even the best part!

Later, like 3-4 month after, someone sent messages to the fake brother saying something like "ah!! I remember when we played soccer as kids", or "hey what's the name of the song we listened yesterday in the car?" and "I've seen you this morning on the train, why you didn't said hello?". It was pure chaos. In the entire city no one was sure on how many brothers where, who was real and who was fake. It was soo satisfying to fool this many people... This went on for 2 years, I'm amazed how people took everything for real, and finally things stopped when Facebook took down the account. I know it might not be seen as a nice thing to do, but no one was harmed and I had a ton of fun fooling them all! x)

And you? What's your best prank you ever played?

Hello, fellow watchers! :3

Finally I managed to get rid of most of my duties. Unfortunately, I'm being almost without my helper (university is being really hard for her) and lately I start working more and more on game development.

I even start to develop games by my own, in like 2 weeks I got the basics of how to code and I'm almost done with my first game, if you like puzzles you're gonna like it! :D I'm still unsure about who's gonna be my publisher, probabily Bubbleep.

And from now on, I'll start focusing on character design, game sprites and something like that. I'm even going to post all the sprites I did for this game, completely free for anyone else to reuse them!

So, that's all for now! Hope you don't mind if there will be less fanarts in the future, and more original stuff!

Hello, fellow watchers! :3

Please forgive us if we are being really, really late with the giveaway ;_;

in January a lot of stuff happened, mostly commissions for indie games. It sounds really cool but I'll wait to see those game become popular before being joyful U_U

And I have officially joined a mobile game developer team, Bubbleep, I and one of their programmer are developing a new puzzle game. You're gonna love it!

So, check your inboxes because in the next days we'll contact you all for the giveaway! ;)

Hello, fellow watchers! :3

First of all, happy new year to everyone!

Starting from now there will be some journal updates about projects we have in mind, giveaways and more stuff.

Holidays are oficially ended here, and I'm already busy with work (I'm already arguing with customers who doesn't pay or asks for more they should have). Plus, my helper is being busy with exams, so untill february I'm left alone.

I know I've promised you requests, and don't worry you'll have them, it's just that they are being delayed :( and as you can see it's been a while since we haven't posted anything, part because of christmas, part because we both got sick during holidays. MEH! 

And for last, I've a question for you: do you think that a core membership is worth the price? If yes, why? I'm being really skeptical about it, I don't see any benefits  and it just looks like a waste of money. But hey, feel free to prove me wrong!

Hello, fellow watchers! :3

The winner of the Christmas gift has been picked up, but since we are feeling extra crazy generous we decided that everyone of you will have a drawing of his/her choice! :D each week we'll randomly pick up a watcher among all those who wanted the christmas gift and do a requerst for him/her!

This way we'll keep having fresh ideas and we will be sure to reward our precious follower, because you know, your apreciation means a lot and this year this account has recieved many faves, views, new watchers.. We both are feeling really succesfull thanks to you!

so, keep an eye on your inbox, you could be the next to be gifted! ;)

Hello fellow watchers! :3

Christmas is coming, and we decided to thank the many new watchers, and the old ones too, with the chance of winning a gift!

We'll sort a random follower and we'll draw any characters he/she wants, you like the idea? :D

But we need to be sure that he/she's an active watcher because, you know, some old accounts that are still my watcher maybe are no longer used and we would waste time in contacting them :/

If you want have a chance of being picked up, simply comment down here! ^^ and we don't mind if you are watching us from a week or a year, everyone can be part of this lottery!

We'll sort the winner on the 24th dec, and hopefully he'll have the drawing done for christmas!

Meanwhile, happy holidays to everyone of you! :*

Merry Christm-ass by DrClosure
Hello everyone! Pikachu waves

I'm officially open to commissions here on dA, both pointsPoints  or PayPalNew PayPal Icon (Small) 

I'm a professional colorists, so if you need to colour your linearts and drawings you stepped in the right place!

Julia whitepearl [color] by DrClosureFiverr commission by DrClosure

5$ - 600 Points  I'll do a complete coloring of your character + simple background

Crystal x Sebastian - commission by DrClosure    Julia Whitepearl by DrClosure

15$ - 1800Points  I will do an original drawing, with complete coloring

If you are intrested in anything else, feel free to ask! I'm open to any kind of commissions! ^,^
Check my gallery to see what are my strenghts and weakness,

See ya!